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The application of explanation liquid filling machine and classification

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-13
Detailed introduction to the use of liquid filling machine and classification 1. 1 the use of liquid filling machine and classification of liquid filling machine, apply to food, chemical and pharmaceutical professional small doses of tincture and water filling and rolling cover. Can take the initiative to end losing bottle, filling and cover, cover, rolling and out of the bottle. Oral liquid filling machine, from the structure principle of classification: ( 1) Type a: mesh belt + ground Long Li bottle + details from reciprocating Shadowed filling + become moral integrity from three knife pad cover; ( 2) Type 2: mesh belt + big thumbwheel unscramble bottle from reciprocating Shadowed filling + + small change in the pitch single-pole rolling cover; ( 3) Type 3: disc + big thumbwheel unscramble bottle + details from reciprocating Shadowed filling + the same details from rolling cover only. Oral liquid measuring filling can be roughly three categories: ( 1) Mechanical manipulation of the one-way valve type piston pump; ( 2) Peristaltic pump. ( 3) Servo control valve type piston pump. Involve the high precision filling situations, basic configurations, use 8 - a device requirements 30 shaft of the servo motor, such as injection ampoule bottle filling. 1 oral liquid filling machine control architecture 2 oral liquid filling machine process requirement 2. 1 technical requirements ( 1) Filling part ( The X axis) : drive the movement before and after filling nozzle, process is divided into interval, synchronization, return interval. ( 2) Filling process ( The X axis) : synchronous servo speed and spindle speed range, pulse signals sent by installed in the spindle with supply of main shaft encoder. Servo origin return after the electronic CAM into the meshing state. Through detecting the spindle signal, a cycle period cycle performance. ( 3) Filling part ( Y) : Y drive filling nozzle moves up and down, back filling process is divided into fast insert and slow interval. Filling pump back in slow filling range. ( 4) Filling process ( Y) : when filling, Y quick insert inside the bottle, speed and the interval can be adjusted through parameter, and the spindle speed consistent interval Y I have been back. By main shaft encoder pulse signals to the X axis, again from X to Y axis, completed more than a master from the manipulation of the architecture. Y axis synchronous command signal from the output of the X axis servo signal DO. 3. 2 process difficulty ( 1) Nozzle diameter is 3 mm, 6 mm diameter bottle. ( 2) For servo under change the filling speed, positioning accuracy in 0. 5 mm. ( 3) Require servo spindle inverter 0 50 hz looses its freedom to run, can stick to fully synchronous servo, and the offset shall not be greater than zero. 5mm。 ( 4) Servo can run in the frequency converter low frequency 10 hz, can adhere to the excellent synchronization. ( 5) Require servo power may be artificially under abnormal operation, to ensure that fill the needle position unchanged. ( 6) No bottle no filling.
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