The application and principle of mixer

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-21
Mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity effect, such as two or more than two materials uniform mixing machinery. Mixing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, agriculture, construction and other various industrial production and daily life. Pharmaceutical mixer can be a variety of materials to fit into a uniform mixture, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, and the different composition of raw materials mixing together compound; Also can increase the material contact surface area to promote chemical reaction; Can also accelerate the physical changes, such as granular solute solvent, added by mixing machinery can accelerate the effect of sugar. Powder or granular solid material mixer for intermittent operation, currently on the market have a V type mixer, the three dimensional mixer and groove type mixer these three models. Mixed requires all participate in the mixed material evenly distributed. The extent of the divided into ideal mixing, random mix and completely mixed three states. Kinds of material in the mixed mechanical mixing extent, depend on the proportion of mixed material, physical state and features, as well as the type of mixing machinery used and the duration of the mixed operation and other factors. Liquid granular solid owner if turning by the container itself, or by the effect of the moving parts within the containers, flipping, admixture and mixed repeatedly, this situation is generally use V type mixer. Liquidity is not very good, the percentage difference bigger of the two materials is not enough to simply turning function, need different action can be fully mixed. This kind of situation usually use 3 d mixer or multidimensional mixer. Liquidity is very poor, mutual adhesion of particles or solid, are often used with mechanical turning and press, rolling machine, this kind of situation usually use channel mixer.
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