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The advantage of gel filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-25
Gel filling machine assembly line work, increase the transmission line, set up the material position, realize full automation. The faster way to work, also can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises. In food, medicine, daily chemical, cosmetics and other industries use gel filling machine, can achieve mass production demand, so as to help enterprises to reduce labor, cost savings, so for such a good glutinous rice glue filling machine, what are the main advantages of it? 1. Gel filling machine adopts the man-machine interface in Chinese aircraft design, equipment parameter intuitive convenience; 2. Gel filling machine can be divided into 4 - according to need 16 a location. 3. No blisters speed double speed filling, filling process, the material without overflow; 4. Bottle type of the working speed can be according to the different frequency conversion adjustment, to adapt to the production of various kinds of bottle type. 6. Compatible with a variety of tube material, can according to demand configuration heating, and stirring, and other functions. Quality requirements of the market for gel filling machine is changing, as it is, after all, changes in the market, the demand of people also is changing, of course, the filling machine filling function and role will also change, which is why the gel filling the opportunity to become people because of the constantly improve and perfect the equipment the hot reason.
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