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Tablet press to realize the control technology of the whole production line connection

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-19
Jin Zong development prospect of good. Jin Zong brand tablet press to realize the control technology of the whole production line connection: put a pelleting machine can connect to a production line; Germany and the UK tablet press have this function, it has a start and end and speed adjusting function. Use of this option function, can reliably, automatically and other production line equipment, such as screen, vacuuming, detection, transmission, buckets, etc together, synchronous pills suppress production task. At the same time, on the external devices adopted different monitoring methods, provides the high safe and reliable performance. Use online detector can be suppressed tablets clearing burr, flash, remove dust; Dust monitoring function is the use of traffic monitor on a regular basis to specify the location of the suction pressure in the suction pipe for testing. Continuously carries on the comparison to the set value and the measured values, if the detector in the suction pipe is not detected within 10 s of inspiratory pressure ( No traffic) , tablet press is a fault alarm prompt and stop running. This function to ensure the reliability of production, can remove tablets to suppress the dust in the process of production. Connected to the whole tablet production line control technology is a new technology, formulation and production control is the development trend in the future. This technology has just started in China. To choose tablet press is Jin Zong CARDS, dozens of old brand, technical quality, good service! Keywords: product tablet press
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