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Rubber and plastic board insulation board heat exchanger equipment insulation materials

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-15
Network customer service rubber plate rubber sponge sponge rubber sponge rubber sponge plate plate specification plate price quotation, rubber sponge plate factory, rubber sponge plate type rubber insulation is widely used in construction, textile, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries. Use more concentrated in the air conditioning system for cold water, steam pipe and condensation, and insulation to prevent heat loss, obtain the ideal use effect. Rubber insulation board: excellent resistance to water vapor permeability wet resistance 5000 is a thermal insulation layer and moistureproof layer. Rubber and plastic insulation board, fire prevention performance is good oxygen index more than 32 rubber insulation board: do not contain CFC, HFC, or as a fluoride hydrocarbon materials do not contain formaldehyde, dust and fiber rubber insulation board: it has excellent fireproof performance. B1 level for flame retardant material, use temperature range for - 50 ℃ to 110 ℃ rubber insulation pipe seismic performance rubber insulation pipe has high flexibility, and thus can minimize chilled water and hot water pipes in the process of using vibration and resonance. Performance of flexible rubber insulation pipe has good strength and toughness, bending and irregular pipe construction of easy processing, and can save material. A plastic insulation board, low thermal conductivity when the average temperature of 0 ℃, this material coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0. 034 w/mk, and its surface exothermic coefficient is high, so in the same conditions, the use of this product thickness more than half than other heat preservation material can achieve the same effect of heat preservation, thereby saving the ceiling above the floor, save investment. 2: flame retardant performance is good in this material contains a lot of cutting down raw material, produced by the combustion smoke density is extremely low, and in case of fire don't melt, don't drop the burning fireball, since out characteristics of materials. According to gb8624 - 1997 'building materials combustion performance grading method', this product is a b1 level flame retardant materials, to ensure safe and reliable. 3: closed-cell foam, moistureproof performance is good 1: glass fiber: open pore structure high water vapor permeability, leading to longer duration of use, also with higher thermal conductivity, the heat preservation effect is reduced greatly. 2: foaming polyethylene ( pef) : even the pore structure, there is a high water vapor permeability, the material of hard and brittle, easy breakage and short service life. 3: rubber: obturator structure with minimal water vapor permeability, can keep the low coefficient of thermal conductivity for a long time. Four: good seismic performance has the very high elastic rubber insulation materials, and thus can minimize chilled water and hot water pipes in the process of using vibration and resonance. Five: performance of flexible rubber materials with good strength and toughness, bending and irregular pipe construction of easy processing, and can save material. Single sided aluminum foil rubber board insulation board / 5 mm/rubber plate heat exchanger equipment insulation material price six: easy installation, beautiful appearance for this product is rich softness, easy to install and convenient. Pipe installation: can be put on after the installation together, also can use this glue of the reoccupy after pipe lengthwise. The valve, tee, elbow and other complex components, can clean the plate after cutting, according to the different shapes on the package glue, to ensure the rigor of the whole system, thus the heat preservation of the entire system. And because of this material are rubber surface smooth level off, and the excellent properties of itself, does not need additional steam insulation layer, protective layer, reduce the trouble of construction, also a beautiful appearance, smooth.
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