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Plate heat exchanger fouling cleaning method and principle of later

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-04
Plate heat exchanger in recent years, with its light weight, cover an area of an area small, less investment, high in thermal efficiency, flexible assembly and fouling characteristics such as easy to remove, and its role in heating work, more and more get of heat-supply enterprise attaches great importance to, and gradually promote the use, to replace the original tube shell heat exchanger. But as a result of plate heat exchanger flow area is lesser, after scaling prone to congestion, reduce the plate heat exchanger in heat efficiency, impact heat security and user's normal use of the equipment. Therefore, solve the washing of plate heat exchanger, prevent the formation of scale, will become the important subject to ensure production safety and economic operation. 1, the main reason for the dirty jams plate heat exchanger and its harm in plate heat exchanger in use process, because of improper water treatment equipment operation, quality control is not up to standard, will not be qualified to soften water injection in the heating system, makes the water calcium, magnesium, carbonate encounter after the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide precipitate the stick on the surface of the heat exchanger, formed the hard scale. Due to the scale of the thermal conductive performance is poor, the heat exchanger in low thermal efficiency and the serious waste of thermal energy, which affect the heating effect, caused serious negative influence to the heating unit. Heat exchanger is made of nickel and titanium alloy, using hydrochloric acid as the cleaning fluid, easy to produce strong corrosion to plate, shorten the service life of heat exchanger. Found through trial and error, select the formic acid as the best cleaning fluid. Add buffer in formic acid cleaning fluid and surface active agent, cleaning effect is better, and can reduce the corrosion of cleaning solution on the plate. Through to the scale sample chemical experiment research show that formic acid can effectively remove scale. Found by acid soak test and formic acid can effectively clear the scale on the attached to the plate, at the same time, it has little effect on corrosion of heat exchanger plate. Pickling method and time: pickling method must be combined with static soaking and dynamic loop method. First static immersion pickling time 2 h, and then the dynamic cycle 3  ̄ 4 h. 2% when, can think pickling end of reaction.
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