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Paste filling machine problem elimination method

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-31
Paste filling machine is through the principle of the gear pump feed, driving the piston through the cylinder, then material pump cylinder into the container, the middle connection check valve, then push the cylinder material removed from the cylinder. Materials by the piston back into the filling head, filling. Second, the common troubleshooting. ( 1) , paste filling machine leakage problems. 1. First of all, the stainless steel filling head through the cylinder into the container for filling accurately. 2. Each nozzle holes corresponding to each of the reed valve plate, and ensure the reed plate clearance space below correspond to the baffle hole, the bottom of the hole into the vacuum chamber, vacuum chamber and vacuum pump together, form a suction vacuum. 3. After vacuum forming, due to the filling are connected to the outside atmospheric pressure container, there will be pressure difference upper and lower part. Under the pressure of the outside atmospheric pressure, residual oil droplets in the filling head will return quickly. ( 2) 。 Fill the quantity is not accurate. 1. Compressed air collision avoidance transformer blockage or installation position is not correct. 2. Pressure regulating valve of the gas flow is not correct. 3. Pressure valve is too dirty or leaking. 4. Start or stop the damage caused by the switch. 5. The diaphragm valve is damaged. ( 3) 。 Paste filling machine filling speed too slow. Now check whether there is dirt inside the valve, and remove them as soon as possible; Second check the inlet pressure is normal, if not normal, check whether the gas path is normal or air compressor is working correctly; And then adjust the paste filler solenoid valve and throttle valve, adjust the screw to the appropriate location. ( 4) 。 Paste filling machine filling mouth drops of oil, in this case, check whether there is a particle in the filling valve, if not, check the paste filling machine, and adjust the Angle of four small screws, no shaking. These are common problems, of course, paste filling machine is in use process may appear unexpected problems, in fact, in order to reduce the mechanical equipment failure occurs, you must do, insurance protection, such as maintenance work, Zhou Bao, month, are useful and feasible method, the service life of each type semi-automatic filling machine are very long, thanks to the care and protection, of course, can be at ease use.
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