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Nail polish filling filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-16
Nail polish filling machine, as its name suggests, are a variety of common nail polish products on the market of filling equipment, we often see the nail polish is 1 ml and 15 ml (mostly Settings can be adjusted according to demand) , even smaller, such a small amount of liquid filling filling machine to polish a high accuracy. Nail polish how filling filling machine? Use of suitable for different material of the bottle, and different shapes of nail polish bottles, empty bottles, first of all, through working face into the nail polish filling machine filling, accurate positioning and quantitative filling, pneumatic filling is more appropriate, and then put into the brush head of the link, accurately put the brush head can turn into cover block segment. Small filling filling machine can be easily nail polish, nail polish easily in a table to complete each link, make nail polish filling more health and fast, of course, nail polish filling machine is widely applicable, such as electronic smoke oil, essential oils, injection, oral liquid and other small bottles of liquid product are applicable. Nail polish filling machine not only requires us to praise their advantages, all kinds of packing machines and filling machines also need appropriate praise, so that machines can also become motivated, as much as possible for production.
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