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Linear filling machine production line

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-11
Before the characteristics of linear filling machine production line, let's look at the working process of the filling production line, including the delivery start, into the bottle detection, into the air bottle filling area, orientation, filling, the bottle conveying, such as straight line filling production line starts, pneumatic switch on the front door and back door pneumatic switch is closed, the empty bottle of conveyor belt is decorated in turn into the filling area, when the bottle reaches the specified location, pneumatic door closed the front door open. Straight line detection switch installed in a straight line the filler filling production line feeding bottles on the conveyor, the switch can count on a bottle at the same time, can detect the bottle empty position. If the position is vacancy, can control the corresponding filling head not filling. When the bottle filling production line filling area meet the filling level, open the back door of pneumatic switch, send out level of full bottles, linear filling machine production line position of the export of photoelectric detection, calculation of filling bottles, when the filling area on the number of empty bottles and bottle filled with liquid level of the phase at the same time, open the pneumatic switch let empty bottles into the front door and so on, the above is a straight line filling production line production process in detail. In fact, after reading this, you may realize the line filling production line of some of the more important features, but let the editor to introduce some specialized vocabulary, using automatic filling equipment control scheme, make a straight line filling production line function more powerful, bus mode control, convenient wiring, data transmission speed; Multi-axis controller can control inflation filling pump, cost savings. Linear filling machine production line adopts servo drive to realize filling equipment structure, the control function of the body can be independent compensation adjustment, automatic identification system can be realized without bottle filling; Straight line filling production line can use submersible filling, prevent foaming explosion-proof material, equipment production parameters, debugging adjustment, need to linear filling machine production line contact Jin Zong filler manufacturer, to the requirements of the service and tailored to the device.
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