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Lifting mechanism of automatic filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-23
Organization structure is simpler, but poor working reliability, automatic filling machine malfunctions in the operation process, the bottle will rise along the slider, easy to squeeze the bottle, the quality of the bottle is very high, especially the bottleneck can not bend. Push the bottle to bottle holder, the position must be accurate. 2, in the operation of the automatic filling machine, set the program of the CAM module to control the opening or closing operation, the lifting mechanism overcomes the drawback of mechanical lifting mechanism, because it has shock absorbing ability, using the gas transmission and failure occurs, the bottle will be stuck, like a spring is compressed, compressed air if the compressed air pressure drop, the piston movement speed will be affected by the air pressure. 3, automatic filling machine equipment is a kind of comprehensive promotion agency, it USES pneumatic actuators to improve filling head, and use the CAM driver mechanism to reduce the bottle, it adopts pneumatic lift, to the bottle filling, and has the characteristics of put bubble.
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