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Heat exchanger cleaning steps

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-01
Heat exchanger of the head and tail tear down, showing all the column tube, and then use rigid gun or flexible high pressure spray gun inserted into the pipe hole - 200 300 mm distance, open the gun control valve, high pressure water pressure, has reached the rated pressure, then, in the process of cleaning, make the spray gun to pipeline depth step by step forward, until the high pressure water jet from heat exchanger the other side. Operators will spray gun in the working status after slowly withdraw, composition continues to be broken, until the gun back to send into the nozzle, the composition also the discharge pipe. Since then, using the same method, the pursuit of the column tube cleaning, until the entire heat exchanger tube side clean. Shell side wash is generally to the nozzle arrangement by the mechanical arm feed device, aim the nozzle pipe between the vertical and horizontal cracks, and mobile device composition between vertical edge cleaning tube, until all gap between tube dirt to clean clean, so as to complete the shell side of the heat exchanger cleaning need special attention is, high pressure water jet must direct fire scale, scale classes can be broken. Therefore, no matter how long the column tube, spray gun must also how long, otherwise, depend on wall after flushing action of fluid, dirt is not damaged. Because the fluid velocity is small, its kinetic energy is not broken dirt. Chemical pipe high pressure cleaner for pipeline's own condition, choosing appropriate model of pipe with special cleaning nozzle, can be very effective removal of pipeline caused by salt, alkali, scale, and various kinds of plugs. Pipe or equipment, high pressure water washing machine will not cause any damage. Dedicated pipe cleaning nozzle commonly known as the mice head, not only can clean plane, surface, and can clean the minimum diameter of 8 mm, up to 100 meters, compared with the traditional alkali cleaning, the cleaning efficiency nearly doubled, even two times, also greatly saves manpower and financial resources. Kill two birds with one stone of it may be the most ideal choice for petrochemical, switches, and distillation apparatus, containers, reactor, the algae on the cooling tower and its facilities, carbon deposition and scaling, etc. Heat exchanger and the carbide on the distiller, calcium sulfide, hard polymer, iron oxide, coke, PVC, polyvinyl alcohol and other chemicals. Refinery: heat exchanger, pipes and containers on the scale, coke, lime. Chemical industry: attached to the boiler pipes, tanks, valves, heat exchangers, evaporators, bundle, container, chemical reactor and its equipment. At present domestic cleaning polymerizer mainly adopts manual cleaning is given priority to, the operator into the polymerizer, hand-held tool will hard scale from the polymerization kettle wall and agitator surface, shovel, scrape. To clean fouling hard polymerizer, a polymerization kettle need three hours 2 operating personnel, the manual cleaning the intensity of labor is big, poor cleaning effect, tools have scratches on the surface of a polymerization kettle wall and agitator, and the chemicals inside the polymerizer to work long hours in the polymerizer operator caused personal injury, therefore, need to use a more advanced technology to replace. High-pressure water gun can avoid the disadvantage of traditional cleaning, are already widely used in foreign countries. Strong commonality of equipment and accessories, ideal cleaning effect and high cost performance. Has the following significant advantages: 1. High-pressure spray dry composition in addition to thoroughly, clean rate is more than 90%, extended the cleaning cycle, improve the production capacity, reduce the kettle anti-sticking agent used, and completely avoid knock, shovel, such as scraping scratches left by the traditional mode; 2. Free water cannon safe hidden trouble, avoid chemical damage to the human body; 3. Water cannon stable running, low noise, simple operation, the cleaning medium is water, don't add any potions, no corrosion to equipment; 4. Water cannons application range is wide, a device which can realize eight kinds of pressure, only need according to the different equipment and scaling of cleaning, replace the executive structure;
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