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Hand washing liquid filling machine high efficiency production

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-08
Just enter the New Year we will encounter the test of the outbreak, growth in the number of confirmed every day, each additional deaths, all let our mood is very heavy, we all hope, wake up every morning, see not confirm the growth of the number, but the outbreak under control, the vaccine can be used, we can do in advance prevention, we want to believe in the power of scientific research people, during the period of waiting, we can do is to go out, less frequent hand washing, disinfection. Disinfectant hand sanitizer is also in short supply, the market is a growing demand for hand washing liquid disinfectant, many manufacturers and unity is strength, work overtime, try to offer us or more disinfection products. Hand sanitizer disinfectant filling machine is no longer strange for manufacturers, general equipment must be higher than the speed of the speed of the artificial. We adopt stainless steel hand sanitizer filling JiGuan installed magnetic gear pump for conveying liquid dynamics, core hd touch screen by microcomputer control, compact structure, easy operation, adjusting accurate measurement, quality and reliable service life is long. Widely used in medicine, food, oil, chemical, cosmetic and so on, filling the vast types of liquids, including high viscosity liquid, such as: all kinds of pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, cosmetics, food and other particles in the liquid. Hand washing liquid filling machine not only can undertake filling cancellation venom, he is also called the liquid filling machine, can for most of the liquid filling, such as liquid soap, grease, disinfectant, alcohol, and other items, also widely used in all walks of life.
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