FCS recoil type washing bottle water machine improved upgrade rejection is: to develop high pressure circulating water recoil type washing bottle left!

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-19
Bottle washer FCS recoil type washing bottle water machine improved upgrade rejection is: high pressure circulating water washing bottle to jilt recoil type water machine overview: this machine is of 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml liquid easy pull a bottle, 1 - 5 - 2毫升 10 ml, 20 ml ampoule, straight tube bottles, all kinds of special-shaped perfume bottle, plastic bottle for recoil type high-pressure cleaning, high speed centrifugal dry joint machine. Working principle: to be washing bottle pan into the machine spinning frame, four set at a time, open the inlet valve and start the motor, the inverter will automatically control motor slow running for cleaning, washing, about 60 seconds ( According to the actual situation is adjustable) After automatic high-speed operation, to more than the bottle water and impurities, to achieve the purpose of dry cleaning. The machine is in conformity with the relevant requirements of the GMP. Is the cleaning equipment adaptability is very wide. The machine on the market for 3 years, through the user feedback, there are unsatisfactory. Our factory developed by half a year finally to FCS recoil type washing bottle water machine improved upgrade as follows: high pressure circulating water recoil type water washing bottle. The improved machine, energy conservation and greatly improve the efficiency, and advising clients to adopt. This machine is manufactured for domestic research and development, imitation will investigate! Second, the original machine faults: 1, the original machine sanitary pump power of 1. 1 kw, displacement of 5 tons per hour. A bottle of water pressure is smaller, foreign body of special glue in the bottle, I have is not the case. 2, the original machine no circulating water tank, too in the roll for the user to worry about water bottle costs, not increase washing bottles of time, so I have failed to rinse. Three, improvement and advantages: 1, will increase health pump power of 2. 2 kw, displacement 10 tons per hour, the washing bottle water pressure increases for 2 times, can be stubborn stains impurity on the bottle completely washed away. After 2, increase the circulation water tank, water after filtration process can be recycled, plenty of water can guarantee to thoroughly rinse the bottle, and users don't have to worry about waste water to increase the cost. Four, the machine is equipped with frequency converter, can according to the degree of the bottle to rinse to adjust speed, achieve high efficiency and energy saving.
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