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Toilet water filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-17
Use flower dew is indispensable, I believe that summer flower bath dew is to remove sweat, get rid of air pollution in public places health supplies, summer flower dew disinfection antiseptic effect to a certain extent, even tu where are bitten by the mosquitoes has anti-pruritic effect heat rash on the skin, can also relieve itching feeling cool, next, how toilet water products introduced: toilet water filling machine adopts linear automatic bottle filling, filling accuracy is high, can be adjusted according to different specifications of the bottle of any filling quantity and the size of the bottle, to adapt to the automatic filling machine. The toilet water filler filling object for nursing liquid, oral liquid, hair care liquid, liquid soap, lotions, detergent, liquid foundation, antifreeze, eye drops, injection, pesticide, medicine, clean washing, bath agent, etc liquid. Toilet water filling machine equipment principles: 1. Filling can be adjusted according to different specifications of the bottle any amount and bottle size, configure automatic line 2. Sealers adopt silicon rubber, Wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, alkali resistant, corrosion resistant) , fluorine rubber ( Abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, strong corrosion) 3. The toilet water filling machine equipment for fully automatic piston type filling machine, cylinder driven piston spare materials, automatic filling material, can adjust the volume of filling. Toilet water filling machine equipment characteristics: 1, to improve the design, add some additional features. In the use of the product operation, precision error, the adjustment of the setting machine, equipment cleaning and maintenance easy. 2. , widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, oil and so on all walks of life, can fill the different high viscosity fluid. 3, straight-line double liquid filling machine has two synchronous filling head, rapid and accurate packing material. 4, convenient adjustment, bottle filling, filling quantity accurate easy to move, with counting function. 5, material contact parts made of 316 l stainless steel materials. 6, using drip leakage and brushed filling mouth, high bubble to prevent the product fill lifting system, to ensure that the bottle mouth positioning of the positioning system and liquid level control system.
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