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The principle characteristics of filling and sealing machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-24
Full automatic filling and sealing machine adopts LCD display programming controller and display screen control, production count statistics, such as running state, it can be done automatically from supply pipe, filling, sealing, code, the whole process of the finished product. The utility model is suitable for use in medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical industry such as plastic pipe, aluminous model multiple tube filling sealing, can smoothly and accurately to all kinds of materials such as liquid, ointment, viscous fluid injection hose, complete the hot air in the piping heat sealing, batch number, production date, etc. Is cosmetic, medicine, food, adhesives and other industries ideal aluminum pipe, plastic pipe, composite tube filling sealing equipment, in line with the GMP requirements. The principle of filling and sealing machine features: 1. Filling and sealing machine is equipped with a safety device, open the door namely stop, no tube filling, overload protection. 2. For filling and sealing machine structure is compact, automatic tube feeding, totally enclosed transmission parts. 3. Filling and sealing machine adopts automatic operating system, complete for pipe, orientation, filling, hot melt, sealing, code, trimming, the whole process of production. 4. Pneumatic for washing pipe, accurate and reliable. 5. Rotary tube mould is equipped with electric eye control center tube positioning device, using photoelectric automatic positioning. 6. Filling and sealing machine adjustment, easy disassembly, especially suitable for the production of specifications of large diameter hose more users. Convenient adjustment. 7. Filling liquid wit can control temperature system, the irrigation pipe sealing machine is easy to operate and reliable. 8. Filling and sealing machine material contact part is made of stainless steel (316 l). Tube filling sealing machine clean, full compliance with GMP requirements. 9. The inverter can control and adjust the machine speed. 1. Turntable height adjustment convenient directly. 11. Filling liquid JiGuan filling quantity can be adjusted by hand wheel adjustment, convenient and quick.
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