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The difference between the plate heat exchanger and tube type heat exchanger and the advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-04
1, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, the same ability of equipment, in terms of its heat transfer area, than that of shell and tube heat exchanger can be reduced by more than two-thirds, reduce covers an area of more than a quarter, move transportation is extremely convenient. 2, cooling water consumption is less, not easy scaling, due to the production characteristics of the equipment, leads to the formation of a fluid is turbulent, increase the rate of transmission energy between two different media, as the fluid movement, take away the dust and impurities. The original column tube cooler descaling year after year, and the cooling effect is not good; On which the plate heat exchanger so far since it was put into operation, the cooling effect is still pretty good, scale very slow speed, less, greatly reduces the amount of cooling water, in the same situation than the original is short of a water pump. 3, without thermal insulation, high thermal efficiency, can be directly to the energy exchange of two kinds of medium, no need to heat preservation measures, the heat transfer coefficient is 1 ~ 3 500 W / 000 ( m2 ·K) , compared with the heat transfer coefficient of shell and tube heat exchanger 1 2 0 ~ 5 0 w / 2 ( m2·K) In reducing thermal insulation layer, greatly improved the efficiency of heat transfer. 4, easy to install, convenient cleaning maintenance, only when the plate heat exchanger is installed on the hot and cold media pipeline and equipment import and export of Angle connection convection; When cleaning and maintenance, import and export flange directly apart, be careful not to fold plate touch, adjustment process operation can be completely clean at the same time, reduce the labor intensity of the workers. 5, recovery of low grade heat energy, the energy saving effect is remarkable, plate heat exchanger to reasonable recovery of low grade heat energy, can lower the temperature of 65 ℃ to 38 ℃ or so, greatly reduces the low grade heat energy is lost in the air pollution to the environment. Happy everday plate heat exchanger ( Jiangyin) Co. , LTD is a professional production of detachable plate heat exchanger ( 板式换热器) Gasket, heat exchanger ( 板式换热器垫片) , heat exchanger, plate ( 板式换热器板) And provide maintenance services of plate heat exchanger ( PHE MAINTENANCE) Professional heat exchanger manufacturers. Happy everday, ARD) Has multiple standard chemical plant in the world and stock center, service and sales network all over the world. ARD has the world's most advanced design and production technology and professional knowledge, the most comprehensive heat exchanger has been ARD for more than 50 countries and regions of the world's petroleum, chemical, industrial, food and beverage, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, hvac and other industries provide customers high quality of plate heat exchanger, there are more than 50000 sets of plate heat exchanger work well in various industries, ARD has developed into a global leader in the field of detachable plate heat exchanger. ARD and plate heat exchanger fittings ( Heat exchanger plate heat exchanger and gasket) Global ranking first in the field of supplier and maintenance. Able to provide the world famous brand, Including: alfa laval/AlfaLaval, will g/SPX/APV/APV, base, Egypt GEA, pass/TRANTER, SWEP/SWEP, sanders/SONDEX, April. Schmidt/API. E. Schmidt, day/HISAKA, wind/Dr Kay, Massachusetts WeiFu/Thermowave, d McCabe Vicarb, east and en tai/DONGHWA, exxon ACCESSEN, MULLER, FISCHER, REHEAT, etc. ) All types of plate heat exchanger plate and gasket. About 1/5 of global plate heat exchanger are using heat exchanger of the ARD provide accessories or accept ARD maintenance services ( Include regular maintenance services such as cleaning, repair and replacement parts) 。 No matter where you are, no matter you have any special requirements, ARD all can provide you with system solutions in the field of plate heat exchanger.
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