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Rotary tablet press characteristics and advantages

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-14
Semi-automatic filling machine adaptive
according to the customer's special operation mode, upgraded the automatic filling machine for automatic filling machine and filling machine production line. Only performance more stable and better quality equipment, customers can provide a better experience, using a more comfortable, driven by technology, rapid, automatic filling machine constantly achieve new breakthroughs, and the common progress of the technology innovation, dare to innovation, dares to attempt, on the way of development, combined with the time development needs, innovation, better meet the development requirements of the modern enterprise.
rotary tablet press is at present our country is able to comply with GMP standard for smaller tablet press. Its characteristics and advantages is that it will be all kinds of granular materials tablets and plain tablets, tablets according to customer's requirements before delivery equipment suitable for repression. The tablet production is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, and is suitable for chemical, food, electronic, plastic, powder metallurgy and other industrial sectors. Tight sealing and dustproof device for the overall, high-definition isolation Windows, convenient maintenance, conform to the requirements of the 2010 edition of GMP. Changsha Jin Zong medicine form a complete set of machine and equipment also provide virtual simulation software is a set of machine.
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