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Plate heat exchanger has become heat exchange equipment in the industry preferred

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-17
Plate heat exchanger is the reasonable use and energy conservation, the key to the development of new energy equipment, wide range of applications. At present, in many applications, the plate heat exchanger gradually replaced the tube and shell heat exchanger. Play the unique advantages of plate heat exchanger. Hope today is simple with you all to know today's 'master' plate heat exchanger. 1, evaporation and concentration technology in papermaking, food, alcohol and other process, the process side containing fibers, particles, or high viscosity of the medium, so the requirement of circulation channel section. Tube and shell heat exchanger is the only method to be adopted in the past, but difficult to jam after frequent cleaning and cleaning the shortcomings, to promote related industries to develop new type of heat exchanger. The plate heat exchanger has been widely used in the above process, the black liquor concentration device has become a standard product. 2, refinery catalytic reforming unit, gas heat recovery device of thermoelectric cooling trigeneration USES plate and shell heat exchanger, all-welded plate air preheater and all-welded plate province can implement, etc. , have been largely replaced the tube and shell heat exchanger. 3, in the sulphuric acid industry, alkali industry, oil refining industry in the cooling process, the plate heat exchanger has replaced the tube and shell heat exchanger. 4, water plate heat exchanger units of heat pump units. Heat pump unit is widely used in air conditioning system and heat recovery is the key device of the plate heat exchanger system, the application places requirements for heat pump is put forward as follows: light weight, small volume, Assembly) Compression performance is good, good low temperature resistance and high sealing performance, etc. Before using the tube and shell heat exchanger is hard to meet the above requirements. Hope, water plate heat exchanger units, not only can save the space of heat pump, can also reduce the cost of refrigerant and refrigerant leakage, therefore, widely used in heat pump units as evaporator and condenser. Common industrial application of plate heat exchanger food and beverage industry: all kinds of food, beverage, fruit juice, beer, etc in the process of heating, cooling, evaporation, crystallization, sterilization. Chemical industry: all kinds of inorganic acid, alkali, salt, heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation, a variety of heating, cooling, condensation of organic solvent. The central cooling system, turbine oil cooler, bearing, vacuum pump, cooler, desalination of auxiliary equipment. Oil industry: all kinds of oil heating and cooling. Metallurgical industry: all kinds of water, oil cooler and waste heat recovery and cooling, electrolytic aluminum dilute acid surface and heating.
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