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Discuss how to use the grease filling machine to solve oil viscosity filling

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-05
Also called butter, grease is a kind of grease semisolid, mainly composed of mineral oils and thickeners modulation, commonly used in cutting on the friction coefficient of mechanical parts. When filling; Due to the material physical viscous resistance, good adhesion, can choose grease filling machine for processing and production of the product. Equipment performance properties is good, can better deal with grease filling the sticky problem. Grease filling machine for Gao Zhen mechanical automatic filling machine category, the machine is smooth stainless steel manufacturing, grease material store, the configuration of the mixing function, can time to keep the material in the ideal filling state. When filling; Large diameter filling mouth, can handle blocking, filling out the slow problem. Choose the flow pressure filling, inverter control, more accurate filling does not drip, complete set parameters automatically. Following the filling process of pump storage drawdown, smooth stainless steel exterior dirt attached to the material, make next time filling grease material, don't need to spend a lot of time cleaning, advance production efficiency.
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