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Brief description of the filling and sealing machine maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-09
Filling and sealing machine using hang on type tube, the tube body is equipped with a vacuum adsorption device, and ensure the accuracy on the automatic tube into the header. Irrigation mouth also equipped with cutting mechanism, guarantee the quality of filling, sealing is adopted, Leister hot air gun) Tail pipe internal heating, the external cooling device. Filling liquid opportunity problem insurable police, can also be without alarm, door key, overload downtime, etc. Filling and sealing machine adopts closed and semi-closed filling paste, liquid, sealing with no leakage, filling weight, capacity, good consistency, filling, sealing, printing once finished. Filling and sealing machine in automatic operation mode of action is changing the filling process and filling containers and data processing method. To realize automatic control of filling system can greatly advance the production efficiency and product quality, the useful down the worker's labor intensity and low cost of energy and resources. Filling and sealing machine maintenance: 1, add oil to all before starting the rolling parts every day. 2, cleaning: machine wash it necessary to turn off the power and air compressor; Removed the seal and screw in place, not on the machine, cleaning, parts do not knock against, be very careful, stop with the hard iron with a touch of filling valve and the filling valve with sundry device, avoid sticking off the machine. 3, maintenance, all equipped with grease nipple butter with grease gun at least once per week; Scrubbing machine surface every day, it is strictly prohibited materials fall into the mold cup, if falls into promptly cleaning, keep the machine clean and beautiful. Filling liquid confidential attention to regulate automatically to take off the tank system. Specific operation: first can sealing machine & other; Foot holder can hinge ear & throughout; Under the nut, and other; Foot pedal & throughout; Trample down, & other; The push rod & throughout; Make & other; Joe can CAM shaft & throughout; Lower edge and & other; Roll wheel & throughout; On the edge tangent to moderate. Such as the distance between the lack of, is not activate the reel. If the distance between too big. Repeat the reel, does not automatically take off cans, or uneven tank strength, produce cans. Then hand support & other; Joe tank shaft & throughout; , the other discharge by means of a loose & other Joe can axis adjustment throughout the clamping screw &; 。 Filling and sealing machine foot & other; Foot pedal & throughout; Make & other; Tin tray & throughout; To rise. Place the empty cans, regulate & other; Tin tray & throughout; The above and & other Chuck & throughout; Salient, the distance between the upper for open jar of highly minus 1/8 ', when the & other; The clamping screw & throughout; Can be fixed. Filling and sealing machine applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, daily chemical and other industries, for filling and sealing aluminum tube. All kinds of paste, paste, viscosity fluid can be smooth precise injection materials such as aluminum pipe, and seal the tail end fold and batch number, production date, etc.
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