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Vacuum filling machine application range is introduced

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-11
Vacuum filling machine is suitable for food industries, such as glass, plastic, metal containers for use vacuum negative pressure, fluid of self-priming irrigation equipment, used by filling and bottle diameter can be adjusted according to the requirement of caliber liquid surface within the exhibition should be greater than the hydrostatic stress, that is not his horse after a liquid bottle type. Vacuum filling machine equipment configuration can be according to the product requirements. Vacuum filling machine performance and characteristics of 1, USES the vacuum technology, reform and innovation of products, its simple and reasonable structure, high filling precision, convenient operation. 2, used in food, cosmetic, medicine and special industries, etc. , is the ideal liquid filling equipment manufacturer. 3, the vacuum filling machine is semi-automatic vacuum type piston liquid filling machine. 4, this machine is touch screen control in both English and Chinese, easy to operate, pneumatic parts adopt high quality pneumatic components. 5, vacuum filler material contact part adopts 316 l stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP requirements. 6, USES the vacuum technology, will be pumped air in the bottle before filling. 7, equipped with pneumatic locking container port and lifting device, ensure that the vacuum filling. 8, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling precision is high. 9 and stop using drip tight and lift, filling device. Vacuum filling machine all kinds of food products such as white wine, red wine, can use water-based products materials such as industry, has a high efficiency using multi-head filling, the machine adopt stainless steel material manufacturing, dust cover, ensure no pollution status in filling process.
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