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The vinegar filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-28
Vinegar filling machine is a kind of automatic, efficient bottled liquid filling machine equipment, the main structure on the basis of the original liquid filling machine is modified to improve and become a new type of linear liquid filling device, in hd touch screen control filling capacity, filling speed, bottle type adjustment etc, this can save Settings, a key switch, convenient and simple, suitable for water, liquid filling. Straight-line bottle of vinegar filling machine adopts multi-head filling Numbers: 2 - 16 according to demand of production to the set can be connected to other functional equipment combination the vinegar filling machine production line can meet production process to realize full automation. The vinegar filling machine suitable for: this vinegar filling machine is fully automatic liquid filling filling machine more than using vinegar class everyday items, more suitable for soy sauce, soy sauce, mature vinegar, rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar, vinegar and other easy foaming liquid filling and liquid, and liquid cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medicine, pesticide, chemical liquid products such as filling, very broad adaptability. The automatic filling machine equipment filling container is suitable for all kinds of square and round bottles and bottles of type or barrel filling. The liquid filling machine features: 1. The filling machine adopts turbine flow sensor ( A flow sensor) And counter control filling. 2. Equipped with a drip tight system, not without a bottle. 3. Filling bottle type applicable range, high filling precision. 4. The automatic filling machine for linear structure, which adopts the principle of optical, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic, filling volume is controlled by a counter. 5. With the installation of immersion filling of the filling pipe drunk, eliminate the bubbles, filling accurate, fast, no drop leak. 6. The casing outside the automatic filling machine device waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, no mechanical vibration or shock, do not contain corrosive gas environment.
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