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The installation of the heat exchanger method and quality control method

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-02
【 Problem 】 Heat exchanger of the installation method and inspection method? 【 Answer 】 Quality inspection content device fabrication in the process of inspection, including raw material inspection, process inspection and pressure test, specific content as follows: ( 1) Size and geometry shape of raw material and equipment parts inspection; ( 2) Raw materials and chemical composition analysis, mechanical property analysis of weld test, microstructure examination, always referred to as a test; ( 3) Raw materials and internal defects of weld inspection, the inspection method is nondestructive testing, it includes: radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing, etc. ; ( 4) Pressure test equipment, including: water pressure test, test, tightness test of medium etc. The withstand voltage test and gas tightness test: fabrication of heat exchange tube sheet heat exchanger to connector, tube side and shell side pressure test or increase the air tightness test, pressure test including the hydraulic pressure test and pressure test. Heat exchanger for hydraulic pressure test, but because of a structure or support, not filling liquid or operational conditions do not allow residue test, pressure test can be used. If the medium toxicity to extreme, highly harm or between the tube and shell side are not allowed to have traces of leakage, must increase air tightness test. Quality inspection method for heat exchanger pressure test sequence is as follows: the fixed tube sheet heat exchanger shell side pressure, first check the heat exchange tube and tube plate connector at the same time, and then carries on the tube side pressure testing; U-tube heat exchanger, kettle reboiler ( U-shaped tube bundle) And stuffing box type heat exchanger with the shell side of the test pressure ring test, first check the joint at the same time, and then carries on the tube side pressure testing; Floating head heat exchanger, kettle reboiler ( Floating-head type tube bundle) With test pressure ring and floating head first special tools for tube head pressure testing, for the kettle type reboiler is should be equipped with tube head pressure testing special shell, then the test passes, finally carries on the shell side pressure testing; Overlapping heat exchanger sub pressure testing can be a single, when Taiwan heat exchanger process connected between the tube side and shell side pressure testing should be performed in the overlap after assembly. Installation method to install heat exchanger must meet in order to make the basis of the heat exchanger without sinking, or for the pipeline to excessive deformation heat transfer machine to take over. Foundation generally divided into two kinds: one kind is built of brick and saddle, heat exchanger directly without saddle support on the saddle, based on the heat exchanger and without a fixed base. And can be moved along with the need of thermal expansion. Another as the foundation of concrete, heat exchanger by saddle support by anchor bolt connect with the solid foundation. Before installing the heat exchanger should strictly on the basis of quality inspection and acceptance of work, the main projects are as follows: based on the surface of profiles; Basic level, plane, shape and main dimensions and hole is in line with the actual requirements; Whether is correct, the anchor bolt screw thread is good, whether the nut and washer is complete; Place mat iron base surface is smooth, etc. Basis after the completion of the acceptance, before installing the heat exchanger put mat iron, on the basis of place mat surface must be razed the basis of iron, both can be a very good contact. Shim thickness can be adjusted to make heat exchanger can reach the level of design level. Shim placed after can increase the stability of the heat exchanger on the basis, and transfer the weight through the shim evenly to the foundation. Mat iron can be divided into flat pad iron, oblique shim shim and openings. Among them, the oblique pad iron must be used in pairs. Side of the anchor bolt should pad iron, the installation of the pad iron should not interfere with heat exchanger heat expansion. Heat exchanger heat exchanger in place after the required level of leveling, can make all over so can not force under the condition of connection pipe. After leveling, inclined shim to support welded, but not with iron or the flat below cushion board welding die. When two or more superimposed heat exchanger installed, should look in the lower part of heat exchanger is finished, and anchor bolt fixed after fully, then install the upper heat exchanger. Can smoke tube bundle heat exchanger should core-pulling inspection before installation, cleaning, smoke tube bundle should pay attention to the sealing surface and the baffle plate. When moving and lifting tube bundle tube bundle shall be placed on the special supporting structure, in order to avoid damage to the heat exchange tube.
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