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The difference of filling machine semi-automatic and fully automatic

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-22
The main functions of the filling machine is manual, automatic continuous filling, using artificial square bottle in filling the mouth filling. But automatic filling machine is different, in addition to the automatic filling, it also comes with other equipment, make its become a filling machine production line, mainly include the conveyor, sealing machine, capping machine, ink-jet printer, packaging machine, sealing machine equipment, can according to the product demand of the production process, is a semi-automatic filling machine. However, semi-automatic filling machine also occupy a greater advantage in the application, there are many kinds of classification, according to how many can be divided into single head, double head filling head, to adapt to all kinds of product packaging, for liquid, paste, water can be used, it is more suitable for small factory or product variety is more manufacturers use, range of application in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, cosmetic, chemical industry, pesticide, etc, and can use some special industry, this is the advantage of the semi-automatic filling machine.
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