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The daily maintenance of pesticide filling machine maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-25
So how to carry out the daily maintenance of pesticide liquid filling machine work? Regularly check each part of the pesticide liquid filling machine sealing effect, and in a timely manner to replace damaged seal ring. Seal are any device of wearing parts category, so must check periodically in order to achieve the ideal fill the form. Check the pump or other power system again. In fact, it can be ignored. , of course, if not our jinan better appropriate product, we will check the product, in order to prevent unnecessary loss. Pesticide liquid filling machine features: 1, the liquid filling machine is a new generation of pesticides to improve volumetric filling machine, used in pesticide liquid, emulsion, water-based agent and filling of high viscosity material. 2, the structure of the whole machine for in-line, driven by servo motor, the measurement principle of filling volume, completed the high-precision filling dose. 3, PLC control, touch human-machine interface, the operation convenient and intuitive, with high accuracy automatic weighing electronic data transmission system, dose adjustment is more convenient and quick. Pesticide filling machine daily maintenance: at the end of each work, must be purged of the filling machine internal and internal structure, and must remove residual material inside the filling machine. Is the purpose of cleaning corrosion effects of all agricultural products, and not timely liquidation of the residual material after work will continue to corrosion filling machine, so as to shorten the service life. Pesticide liquid filling machine maintenance than other types of filling machine more difficult, so many manufacturers basically no pesticide liquid filling machine for routine maintenance. Some filling machine service life shortens greatly, the efficiency is decreased.
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