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Review 53 pressure vessel equipment companies through the industry

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-26
National oil and chemical, petrochemical enterprises procurement pressure vessel will be authoritative sources and references for convenient channels. On August 20, organized by the suppliers working committee of China federation of petrochemical pressure equipment companies commenting is held in Beijing, a total of 168 companies to declare review materials. After preliminary examination, by the engineering design company, chemical industry enterprise, equipment testing research institutions and experts panels for 88 pressure equipment enterprises conducted a comprehensive review. The paper 'the overall strength of enterprises, the manufacturing technology research and development, quality management, logistics and delivery of the goods, equipment and raw materials procurement, environmental security' seven areas of review, LanShi reshipment, dalian heavy gold, jiangsu in st over 53 enterprises to stand out, as the first qualified suppliers pressure vessel equipment, petrochemical industry is to make the public in the national petroleum and chemical industry. Through public procurement service platform will enter the petrochemical industry enterprises, facing the whole country petrochemical companies to provide quality products and services. Pressure vessel is an important chemical equipment, there are about 4000 of the pressure vessel equipment companies, but in the majority with small and medium-sized enterprises, uneven development, the overall strength and innovation capability gap is larger. Due to pressure vessel equipment enterprises are numerous, good and evil people mixed up, petrochemical enterprise procurement source caused great difficulties. Suppliers working committee of the move, will effectively reduce the procurement costs, the depth of the cooperation between powerful boost sales. The graph is judges on site.
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