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Paste filling production line

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-31
We often use the ointment products should be application in medicine, such as gynecological gel products, do you know what this paste material is to use the equipment packing? This is a kind of packaging can be automatic filling production line equipment, paste filling machine production line, within the scope of the general filling liquid and paste viscosity liquid material. If the object inside the viscous liquid with a certain speed of resistance is bigger, the liquid viscosity is opposite bigger, and vice versa, we common higher viscosity products is more of a daily chemicals, medicine and food, but no matter what industry, cannot leave the material filling paste filling production line. Paste filling machine production line is different, the main reason is that industry if product packaging need artificial packaging, not only affect the product quality, and there is no guarantee that the product packaging efficiency, more importantly, this product is difficult to do manual packing, therefore, can only be used for automatic packaging equipment, provide standards of products and production efficiency. Paste filling machine production line equipment is equipped with a test system, the bottle can be automatically send bottles, orientation, adjustment, filling and sealing function, can also according to the needs and deserves to spurt the code machine, packing machine, etc. , of course, this requires the PLC programming control system to complete, similar to the paste filling production line of the brain, to control the coordination of different parts. Paste filling machine production line of its working principle the shape and structure is generally divided into pipe management machine and the paste filling machine, filling receipts through the conveyor belt, sent to the filling machine, by filling the material into the bottle, the photoelectric detection sensors detect need filling materials, used to determine whether filling, filling head down to the bottle automatically, automatic into the bottle, the lid by automatic screw cap machine grading, in turn into automatic screw cover location, and is equipped with unloading station final filling the output of the finished product.
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