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Linear filling machine is compatible with paste and liquid materials

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-12
The linear filling machine adopts the stainless steel, can satisfy the corrosive liquid filling of higher food and health requirements, say weighing sauce filling machine only and size is the same as the sauce, that would be a mistake, you can use the liquid liquid, can also use the high viscosity of the liquid. Restaurant commonly used cans of broad bean paste, chili sauce, cooking oil and other spices, commonly used barrel washing laundry sauce, bleaching liquid, chemical industry commonly used bottled lubricants, waterproof coating, such as filling can be all, these containers have different shapes and different material, but it's easy to filling by linear filling machine. Linear filling machine of diving and filling are two relatively independent system, by programmable controller can coordinate their movements, weighing is extremely accurate measurement, error is very small, ensure the finished product specifications. Linear filling machine is suitable for automatically paste, also is the ideal liquid filling equipment, a waterproof paint maker chose this kind of filling equipment to produce waterproof coating. Each device has its own characteristics, and tolerance, no matter what type of automatic filling machine, has its own window, show everyone carefully, like automatic filling machine, it makes you think it is not only a cold equipment, equipment is all-encompassing.
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