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How food filling machine to vacuum filling it?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-02
Food vacuum filling machine is a kind of wide scope of application of automatic food filling machine, it is food, daily chemical, medicine and the special profession ideal liquid filling equipment. Vacuum filling food filling machine can also be oral liquid bottles, wind oil bottle, eye drops bottle, cosmetics, perfume bottles, battery fluid, etc. This equipment has a very broad market in China, manufacturers from all walks of life is closely connected with the use of automatic food filling machine, here is how to implement a vacuum filling food: food vacuum filling machine is a kind of way to complete filling of the need for large pressure there are two ways: 1, the differential pressure type vacuum, the vacuum food storage tank to maintain normal pressure filling machine, only to the interior of the container in order to form the necessary degree of vacuum. Liquid materials is through the pressure differential between the two containers of injection. 2, gravity type vacuum, that is, by gravity under low vacuum filling, using this method the containers will need to use the sealing device ( Usually the bottle) Fill to the set level for this in low vacuum filling, automatic filling machine food must prevent caused by liquid filling flow and pure air backflow. In addition, it must prevent or bursts from the bottle is full. If the container is not form a vacuum, cannot fill the machine. So, also eliminates the liquid drop. Food vacuum filling machine features and advantages: 1, food vacuum filling machine adopts vacuum technology reform and innovative products. Simple and reasonable structure, high filling precision, simple operation. 2, food vacuum filling machine is suitable for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and special industries, etc. , is the ideal liquid filling equipment. 3, food vacuum filling machine design is reasonable, model is compact, easy to operate, pneumatic parts adopt pneumatic parts. 4 filling machine, vacuum food contact materials are made of 316 l stainless steel, in line with the GMP requirements. 5, the use of vacuum technology, the container before you fill the air time. 6, food vacuum filling machine is equipped with pneumatic locking container opening and lifting device, to ensure that the vacuum filling. 7, food vacuum filler filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling precision is high. 8, food vacuum filling machine head using drip irrigation and improve the filling device.
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