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Heat exchanger pipe cleaning machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-11
Heat exchanger pipe cleaning machine application: heat exchanger, compressor, industrial boiler, waste heat boiler, cooler and the reactor cooling jacket, heating pipe such as internal fouling, and even blocked pipeline and external heat transfer surface scale and other hard scale removal. Heat exchanger pipe cleaning machine system features: a short maintenance time, maintenance process, the traditional switch must be overall demolition, affect the enterprise operation time; Heat exchanger cleaning system has realized the online cleaning, saving time for the enterprise, has created economic benefits. 2 savings: traditional maintenance cost, money and material resources huge; This system no other fees in addition to the water and electricity. 3 no corrosion: due to the use of pure physical methods, therefore, no corrosion effect on metals. 4 the good cleaning result: using high pressure water jet system for cleaning internal dirt thoroughly remove it. Heat exchanger cleaning system can be divided into manual, semi-automatic, automatic cleaning system: a manual: very notice to protect the safety of the operator. To this end, we developed and equipped with safety protection accessories, such as sprinkler protection device, and the foot valve ( Locking loop) B semi-automatic: USES flexible gun, into the tube speed can be adjusted automatically, can undertake the horizontal and vertical cleaning, heat exchanger of core-pulling before and after core-pulling are clean.
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