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Filling machine maintenance correctly

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-21
First of all, in the use of filling machine, bottle brush machine and bottle washer, 1. Read the manual carefully before installation and debugging, commissioning, ready to use the tool. 2. Brush machine, bottle machine, bottle washing machine after the installation, adjust filling track and collect bottles board to horizontal position, liquid storage barrel filled with material, all electric switches in the closed position. 3. Packing and filling container into work, and the external power supply connection. Take a power socket must be reliable grounding line three pin plug, when the shell leakage in case get an electric shock. 4. Filling filling support plate support frame, fingers moving up filling head positioning sets. Positioning sleeve can be flexibly moved up and down, can make them fill needle unhindered or retracted. 5. The liquid storage barrel at the bottom of the switch in the open position, enables the material to flow into the metering pump. According to each container loading quantity adjustment screw on the crank, plate loading speed knob turning around 20 degrees, and then loading speed switch in the open position. 6. When setting out filling head fluid for a fixed amount, tighten the fine-tuning of the filling head nut, cover the filling head shell, loosen the filling rack support plate. After filling machine is used, should pay attention to maintenance. In the process of maintenance, the pistons when removing and cleaning, should remove the screw at the same time, in order to avoid when removing the first screw affect another technical requirements. Before cleaning piston type filling machine, remaining products should be clean, and to the ladle injection soft cleaning fluid. Cylinder lubricated before they go out. Please do not open or add any lubricating oil, to ensure that the filler surface clean. Power should be when not working. In addition, at the same time of maintenance and the correct use of filling machine, but also for testing and debugging on a regular basis. Only in this way can filling machine is stable, healthy work. As people living standard unceasing enhancement, people growing demand for beverage and cosmetics, the development of the enterprise, make the beverage bottle filling machine, bottle brush machine and filling machine in use is becoming more and more filling machine in use should pay attention to the problem is becoming more and more acute, as a result, in order to better production enterprises, the maintenance work is very necessary.
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