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Briefly liquid filling machine according to the measurement section is divided into four kinds of cans

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-09
Liquid filling machine to canned metering section is divided into four kinds of liquid filling filling machine according to the method of measuring method is different, there are four basic methods: volume pump, peristaltic pump and metal ceramic piston metering pump pressure method and moment. The first two measurement methods have been many domestic manufacturers are widely used, the latter two use less. Filling volume measuring cup type metering method to replace standard time is long, difficult to clean, use is not very convenient. Peristaltic pump production of low accuracy and short deformation wear, its packing is difficult to ensure accuracy and stability, is not suitable for mass production. Metal/ceramic piston metering pump, selects the stainless steel/ceramic materials, the measurement is not very convenient adjustment and unpick and wash. Time filling pressure method is more advanced metering method, is in a constant pressure liquid storage tank, measuring the liquid to be partial shipments is after a moment and to determine the flow unit moment. Measuring accuracy programmable control device automatic control, to ensure that no dead Angle when liquid flows through the channel and the body, no residue, no solid wear, cleaning disinfection do not open any parts, cleaning is online. Time pressure method is a kind of measuring method, zui good abroad are active development the filling machine. To this end, we in the active development of constant pressure control skills, inductive using automation of new skills at the same time, developed with independent intellectual property rights of choosing times pressure method of linear automatic filling machine. Chosen programmable control device signal processing, through the man-machine interface touch screen monitor the running status, online correction operation parameters. Arbitrary input filling measurement, high accuracy, filling large, machinery and equipment briefly, briefly protection. The reliability of the system, control accuracy and automation degree directly affect the quality of filling and the labor intensity of workers. Chooses programmable control device as the core control circuit, simplify the hardware structure of system, and the degree of automation control function and improve the system. Touch screen as human-computer interface, chosen as the bridge of two-way communication between the operator and machine equipment, can through the text, button, graphics, digital, etc to handle or monitoring and elaborate information may change at any time, can clear instructions and inform the operator of the machine now, greatly enhance the added value of the equipment. Strong function and excellent stability makes it very suitable for use in industrial environment, has become a modern industry one of the indispensable equipment.
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