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The types of heat exchanger

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-22
The concept of heat exchanger heat exchanger are parts of the thermal fluid heat transfer to the cold fluid equipment, also called heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is chemical, petroleum, power, food and other general equipment, many industrial department occupies an important position in the production. Heat exchanger in chemical industry production can be used as a heater, cooler, condenser, evaporator and reboiler, application more widely. Heat exchange equipment for its purpose, type is various, performance is different, but both can be summed up in tube and shell type structure and two kinds of plate structure. The working principle of the heat exchanger heat exchanger are parts of the thermal fluid heat transfer to the cold fluid equipment, namely in a large airtight container with water or other medium, and the container inside pipe pass through. Hot water through the pipe. Due to the hot water in pipes and containers of hot and cold water temperature difference, will form the heat exchange, is the junior middle school physics heat balance, high-temperature object to low temperature heat always transfer, so the heat exchange of water in the pipe to the container of cold water, also called heat exchanger heat exchanger. 3. The classification of the mechanical structure heat exchanger, can according to heat transfer principle, structure and purpose of classification, according to its structure classification is mainly tube shell type and plate type two kinds. According to the cold and hot fluid principle and the method of heat exchange basically can be divided into three categories: wall, between hybrid and regenerative. 1, the type of recuperative heat exchanger the jacketed heat exchanger heat exchanger is installed on the outer wall of the container jacketed, structure is simple; But the heating surface is conditioned by the container wall, heat transfer coefficient is not high also. To improve the heat transfer coefficient and the liquid in the tank heated evenly, can install inside the kettle blender. When jacketed zhongtong into the cooling water or heating without phase change agent and can be set in the jacketed helical baffles or other measures to increase the turbulent of the coefficient of heat to one side in order to improve the jacket. To supplement the heat transfer surface is not enough, also can install snake tube inside the kettle. Jacketed heat exchanger is widely used in the reaction process of heating and cooling. Immersion coil heat exchanger in the heat exchanger is a metal tube bending round into various and appropriate to the shape of the container, and immersed in the liquid container. Coil heat exchanger has the advantage of simple structure, can bear high pressure, corrosion resistant materials available; Its defect is low degree of turbulent liquid in the container, tube of external heat coefficient is small. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient, container can install blender. Spray type heat exchanger in the heat exchanger is a heat exchange tube rows on the steel frame, the thermal fluid flow in the tube, cooling water spray device evenly pour down from above, so also called spray cooler. Spray outside the tube heat exchanger is a high degree of turbulent layer of liquid membrane, the immersion tube of external heat coefficient increases a lot. In addition, this kind of heat exchanger is mostly placed in the place where the air circulation, cooling water evaporation also take away part of the heat, but it could reduce the cooling water temperature, increased heat transfer impetus role. Therefore, compared with immersion, spray heat exchanger heat transfer effect is improved. Heat exchanger casing pipe heat exchanger is made by different diameter of straight pipe concentric sleeve, and are connected by a u-shaped bend. In this kind of heat exchanger, a fluid tube, the other a fluid clearance, both can get higher velocity, so the heat transfer coefficient is bigger. In addition, in the tube heat exchanger, two kinds of fluid can be pure counterflow, the logarithmic average driving force is larger. Casing heat exchanger structure is simple, can withstand the pressure, the application also convenient ( According to the need to increase or decrease in number of section) 。 Especially, because of the large casing heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer driving force big advantages of strong and able to withstand high pressure on the production process ( For example, the operating pressure of 3000 atmospheres high-pressure polyethylene production process) Almost all used in the heat exchanger is a bushing. Tube and shell heat exchanger tube shell type ( Also known as shell and tube type) Heat exchanger is one of the most typical recuperative heat exchanger, the application of it in industry has a long history, and is still dominant in the all heat exchanger. Mainly include shell and tube bundle tube heat exchanger, tube plate and top parts, shell is circular, with parallel tube bundle, both ends fixed on the tube plate. In tube and shell heat exchanger with two heat transfer fluid, a pipe flow, the trip is called the tube side; A pipe flow, its called the shell side. Bundle of wall is the heat transfer surface. For improving the fluid to the coefficient of heat pipe, generally installed in the shell a certain number of horizontal baffle plate. Baffle plate not only can prevent fluid short circuit, increase the fluid velocity, forcing fluid according to the prescribed path fault current through bundle for many times, the turbulent to increase greatly. The commonly used dampers has round shape and disc two kinds, the former is more widely applied. 。 Each by fluid in the tube bundle once known as a monitor, each by a shell called a shell side. To improve the speed of fluid tube, can set the appropriate partition inside the head on both ends, all the pipes, on average, divided into several groups.
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