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The role of automatic liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-28
Automatic liquid filling machine is used to prevent microbial contamination in the food industry, it is in the condition of aseptic processing and packaging, do not contain preservatives, to keep food in a certain period of time not metamorphism, maintain freshness and authentic, prolonged flavor. Automatic liquid filling machine packaging technology is mainly used for continuous conveying liquid food filling and aseptic production process is a very complex process of continuous production in the process, any error or product microbial pollution will affect the whole sterile system again, the failure affect the whole batch of products at the same time the health and safety. Clean concept in safe production of automatic liquid filling machine has a very important application, must establish and create a clean environment in packing system, so that the products in the area of automatic packaging container, and then to carry on the seal, thereby ensuring clean production, production of sterile wind make sterile laminar air of positive pressure to achieve the required cleanliness. With the progress of science and technology, automatic liquid filling machine in the daily chemical products, food, pharmaceutical factory has been widely used, make the products of the health security level unceasing enhancement, automatic liquid filling machine is the main equipment of filling beverage, cosmetic products, its function also is indelible.
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