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The filling machine maintenance and installation requirements

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-17
Filling machine maintenance and installation requirements 1. Before the loading of filling machine, please read the operation manual carefully in order to prevent the installation errors! 2. Now will fill the container insert tool box, then connect the external power supply. It should be noted that a power socket must be triangle socket, connected to the ground, to prevent leakage. 2. Supported by armoured support plate filling machine, filling and push the locating sleeve on the nose. Move up and down positioning sets of flexible, filling machine filling needle can be freely in and out of or back! 4. Rotating liquid filling machine barrel at the bottom of the switch, make the material smoothly into the main metering pump, and then transfer the control of the filling speed control board to 20 degrees or so, you can shut down the switch on the filling speed control board! 5. Set filling machine flow of liquid to quantitative, then tighten the liquid quantity adjustment nut, cover the filling head shell, loosen the filling rack support plate. Keep 1. Maintenance, remove the retaining screw filling machine, and then clean the residue products filling machine. And then to the ladle injection cleaner, in order to keep the filling surface clean! 2. Filling machine before delivery has been filling lubricating oil, so when cleaning, do not add any lubricating oil.
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