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The development of automatic filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-22
Very fast development trend, the local tech aquatic products has been greatly improved, and the development trend of automatic filling machine to the development of today's society, the current trend of the development of the following are mainly as follows: 1, focus on the development of small and medium sized automatic filling machine. 2, the introduction of a large amount of high and new technology, make the automatic filling machine product design and use of reliable, so that its performance index, technological level and & other Three shift & throughout; ( Multi-function, high speed, automation) Levels are high. 3, the combination of automatic filling machine and line integration development, according to the technological requirements of other linkage function of various equipment, automatic filling machine production line. 4, in the material properties of packaging technology, packaging as a starting point, the development of new type automatic filling machine series products. 5, improve the automation degree of automatic filling machine, reliability and stability. 6, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, improve the extraction yield of effective ingredients, and absorb the loss of its nutrients. 7, 24 hours running speed production efficiency, reduce production cost, improve the economic benefit. 8 production automatic filling machine, precise positioning, automatic labeling machine, automatic packaging technology can improve the quality of the product.
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