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Tap water quality anomalies in the home, the original is heat exchange equipment series water 'trouble'

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-31
On November 12, who is zhang gang district of xing zibo city tap water company customer service calls, said her family yellowing phenomenon in a tap water, accompanied by the smell. Zibo city tap water company staff rushed to the scene immediately, after testing found that the water there is no problem, there is no similar situation in the home and detached wing with other residents, finally determined to be the user home heat exchange equipment aging, reflux heating water and tap water strung together, water quality caused by abnormal. Some users in the home to install the heat exchange equipment ( Such as the 'warm baby' products) , some of the heat exchange equipment belong to '3 without' product, is in use after a year or two will appear in the corrosion leakage. Zibo city tap water company's staff said that due to the heating pipe water pressure is far higher than that of water supply pipeline, when there is internal leakage corrosion heat exchange equipment, heating water will enter the tap water pipe network of heating pipe network, polluted drinking water. The reporter understands, the heating system for the production in the use of water, it passes through a certain chemical softening treatment, at the same time, in order to prevent the system from corrosion to add a certain amount of corrosion scale inhibitor, in order to prevent loss of water and add a certain amount of smell and stain, so when heating water reflux, users tap water odor will appear in the home. , news broadcast to remind, once the home of tap water quality abnormal, the user should immediately stop using or closed heating household heat exchange equipment into the door of valve in the pipeline; If your gas type failure, should immediately stop using the gas type, contact the relevant personnel for repair. After being main line maintenance, citizens can undertake water treatment on the faucet in the home, put away the accumulation of contaminated water, water quality return to normal rear can use. What other things will tap water pollution is a user from the check valve of gas heating boiler or mix water valve is damaged, will cause pollution to water, heating water influence scope is limited to the use of the boiler commonly users of tap water in the home or close to the boiler water. 2 it is the user to the heating pipe connected to tap water pipe, take the valve switch using heating water to flush the toilet, when switch valve leakage or wrong operation, can cause heating water string into the tap water pipe, the serious influence home and around the neighborhood safe water.
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