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Linear liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-13
Choose linear liquid filling machine, utility model using multiple linear filling head positioning filling quantitatively, facilitate the vinegar filling structure of the industry, before the order, tell us demand is what, need a kind of automatic filling machine, high speed, high efficiency and can easily adapt to special-shaped cans of filling, linear liquid filling machine is just meet the requirements. Linear filling machine is compact design, accurate filling volume, stable positioning filling, water proof, anti splash filling head design, one-time solve the vinegar production needs. Linear filling machine is indispensable to realize the liquid liquid filling, applies not only to pan pan with vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine pot seasoning, such as linear liquid filling machine to configure a variety of automation equipment, realizes the unmanned automatic production efficiency, reduce labor, these good feelings must be done by the quality of filling machinery.
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