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by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-14
The food safety law has been enacted more than two years, but the food safety events still emerge in endlessly. Food mixer increasingly crazy about fraud? What are the food insecurity? There are a lot of emulsifying machine, how to make people eat safe, eat at ease? On these issues, the China youth daily reporter recently interviewed the CPPCC national committee, the Chinese meat food chemical nitrite, chief engineer of comprehensive research center. Food security depends on, he thought, strengthen the rule of law, the transformation of the mode of development to solve. 'Food poisoning caused by the contaminated beef products, Topps meat products companies in the United States declared bankrupt; Italy 'ghost' dairy scandal involving the Italian institute of agricultural supply administration and the ministry of agriculture animal disease prevention; German manufacturers will industrial fatty acid used in animal feed, triggered a 'dioxin toxic feed' event, thousands of farm close; Our country Taiwan area seized of the world's first use of toxic substances plastic plasticizers phthalates ( DEHP) Replace the palm oil emulsification machine, thickening of drinks for profiteering involved hundreds of drinks. 'Chemical nitrite thinks,' food safety problem is the focus of today's world, no country can achieve 'zero risk'. 'Our country the food safety problem is a lot of countries have encountered in the process of development. Feng Pingshui: 'China is a developing country, the reform and opening up 30 years completed hundreds of years of development process of developed countries, the problem is likely to focus on the experience of developed countries. 'The body is the capital of the revolution, food safety problem is particularly important, in-line emulsification machine production, the production process must pass strict quality inspection, refused to appear' melamine milk powder ', 'gutter oil' wait for a phenomenon.
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