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Heavy body filler

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-06
Widely used in cosmetics, daily chemical, food, chemical, pesticide and other manufacturers of viscous liquid filling. Filling viscous filling machine adopts digital measurement, very accurate, when the container arrived at a predetermined position, the piston will drive the master cylinder to the container to produce accurate injection, automatic filling machine, filling in into the bottom of the container when to minimize impact, no foam in the filling process, can change the filling nozzle. Viscous body, after the completion of the filler filling filling machine filling nozzle has the function of absorbing drops make sure does not drip, not wiredrawing, the bottle clean. The automatic filling machine set light, machine, electricity, gas, and software support by PLC, touch screen control: filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted according to the proficiency of the operator. Viscous filling machine performance characteristics: 1, for products with poor liquidity, imbibition may reduce speed. Small doses of filling liquid product, you can to avoid splash down filling speed. 2, a high degree of automation: in the condition of automatic light filling, operators need to bottle conveyor belt or configuration to unscramble bottle machine, automatic filling machine automatic transmission products, automatic positioning filling machine. 3, used to put the bottle filling head at the bottom of the working platform height is adjustable, to adapt to the different specifications of the bottle. 4, viscous filling machine adopts the piston filling with relatively high viscosity and poor liquidity products, filling ability. 5, viscous body filling filling machine can be long, can also automatically linkage equipment of automatic filling machine production line.
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