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Heat exchanger industry research

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-21
Heat exchanger with different temperature of heat transfer between two or more fluid equipment, also called heat exchanger, heat exchange equipment. Heat exchanger in industrial production is the main purpose of the heat from the higher temperature of fluid is passed to the lower temperature of fluid, the fluid temperature can reach the indexes of the technological process, in order to meet the needs of the process conditions. Heat exchangers are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, hvac, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace, environmental protection, urban heating and other industrial fields. Heat exchanger is pass hot liquid part quantity of heat to cold fluid equipment, also called heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is chemical, oil, steel, automobile, food and many other industrial departments of general equipment, occupies an important position in the production. Especially in chemical production, the heat exchanger can be used as a heater, cooler, condenser, evaporator and reboiler, etc. Heat exchanger belong to the non-standard equipment, in different application fields, its work, working characteristics, design parameters are more obvious differences; Even in the same industry or different section of the same industry, there is biggish difference requirements for equipment. So heat exchanger industry management pattern mainly based on the user's technical requirements for design and manufacture of individuation, manufacturing-according-to-sale. Heat exchanger equipment industrial energy consumption, water consumption is large. According to statistics, heat exchanger equipment energy consumption accounts for 13% of industrial use of energy - 15%. Industrial cooling water consumption in China accounts for about 80% of the industrial water use, water withdrawals accounted for 30% of total industrial water - 40%. Thermal power, steel, petroleum, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, papermaking, textile, non-ferrous metals, food and fermentation of eight industries withdrawals accounted for about 60% of the zygomatic oh industrial withdrawals; Development of high efficiency cooling water saving technology is the key point of industrial water saving. According to world bank statistics, in 2007 China's $100 million P energy is 55. 970000 tons of standard oil is about $100 million the amount of energy consumed 5 P. In 63, four of Japan. 3 77 times, the United States. 36 times, 1 in India. 2 of 16 times, the world's average level. 75 times. Visible, saving energy and reducing consumption in the field of our country industry urgent and arduous task. As water large energy consumption, water saving, energy saving is cooling, Coagulation) Equipment development in the future. As the industry of cooling ( Coagulation) Equipment required changing, cooling ( Coagulation) Technology development experiences three stages: the first stage to catch yo solve the problem of whether can realize heat exchange; The second stage in order to enhance the cooling ( Coagulation) Efficiency as the goal, mainly is the study of heat transfer process and improvement of the heat-exchange unit; The third stage emphasize the production cost, operation cost, cost, etc. Comprehensive cost and cooling ( Coagulation) Effect of optimal matching.
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