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Filling machine filling characteristics choose explosion-proof filling confidential note

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-04-24
In the process of many products or packaging, we all need to clearly understand the nature of the product and different mode of production or packing method, with the development of the industrialization step becomes faster and faster, the development of the enterprise will need to keep up with their steps, for example, in filling in the industry. Filling equipment is different because of different filling materials, for example, food and beverage filling and chemical manufacturing filling will adopt the different functions of filling machine. Quantitative filling machine is divided into liquid filling machine, also has the powder quantitative filling machine, also called quantitative filling machine, explosion-proof explosion-proof quantitative filling is mainly suitable for use in chemical original fast and pharmaceutical industries, the liquid is corrosive and explosive materials, particularly high functional requirements for explosion-proof quantitative filling machine, liquid filling machine and food than normal quantitative filling machine requirements are higher, when the explosion-proof quantitative filling machine, in the process of liquid filling equipment must have automatic filling machine have quickly and accurately and repeatability are filling, general explosion-proof quantitative filling machine will be equipped with high precision filling system and can cooperate with the DCS system, PC software system implementation from spreading, and try to save more time filling the finished product. Filling machine in the course of everyday use, some of the common troubleshooting:. After small filling machine boot crank cannot normal rotation, fault:. A: the fixed link below, injector push fluid inside and outside the tube when the top in mind, the crank can rotate, should unscrew the nut (1) after fixed link up on the mobile place, nut and tighten. B: between the inner and outer tube was caused when the syringe assembly is not clean and card, need to remove the syringe cleaning. C: the liquid injection system at the end of the load bearing parts, make its can't work normally, must reinstall. Select explosion-proof filling machine. 1, must be qualified manufacturer of liquid filling machine, filling equipment normal manufacturer of liquid filling machine has production permit, they can buy the dead required to produce the business license and organization code, to industrial and commercial bureau to check, is generally not normal manufacturer is no production license, if is a fake also can according to the business license to industrial and commercial bureau to see whether there really is the company. 2, select explosion-proof filling machine, explosion-proof certification, must be have unfair competition in the market now, many vendors have no explosion-proof certification of liquid filling machine, also sell explosion-proof filling machine to the customer, when buying zui so they can show me the certificate, to prevent the explosion of purchase to the liquid filling machine is not in conformity with the standards. 3, buying liquid filling machine, it is suggested that under the manufacturer the filler fieldwork, this way you can know whether the company first liquid filler production ability, can with vendors to look at the production permit and explosion-proof certificate, these two documents, not all of the company. 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