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The reason of liquid filling machine can't afford the material

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-24
Multifunctional liquid filler filling volume can be automatically adjusted, is not restricted by different filling equipment, it is a very reliable and durable filling equipment, however, with the increase of function, can increase the probability of problems. Reflect on the market a lot of enterprises and customers, equipment sometimes cannot draw materials, what are the specific reasons for this problem? First of all, we can test with water, check whether the pipe leakage, whether there is a phenomenon of bending, click to check the running status of pump, final inspection feed pipe and outlet pipe connection is correct, the above process as long as after a time, you can solve the cause of the liquid filling machine can't afford the material problem. If not solve, we need to contact the manufacturer to your door professional personnel for inspection and maintenance, repairing and don't do STH without authorization, must be professional to repair, this is also our personal safety and equipment safety guarantee. Use the filling machine, as a result of the need of certain jobs or certain products, must use the automatic liquid filling machine, in choosing automatic liquid filling machine, a lot of matters need attention, so how to choose the automatic liquid filling machine? 1, we need to understand the characteristics of our materials. For example, for automatic batching system of material, we need to choose have effect of explosion-proof filling machine, if the material is easy to condensation, we can choose heating filling machine, if it is a highly toxic substances, we need to choose closed filling filling machine. 2, we also need to know how much we filling the container, due to different filling containers used in the filling machine is different also, when filling a small amount of materials, precision measurement of filling machine will not be accurate, and small doses of filling machine in filled with a lot of material can not meet the corresponding the filling quantity. 3, when choosing automatic liquid filling machine, if there are other form a complete set of equipment, such as labels, coding, etc. , due to the different requirements, automatic filling machine with linkage device configuration of various function, joint production, such as labeling machine, screw cap machine, printing machine and other equipment, composition of filling machine production line.
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