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The reason for the difference between the existing liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-24
1. Different quality, even though the same antifreeze automatic filling machine from appearance looks the same, but if there is a price difference, may be due to the different technology, quality also may be different, just like when we buy clothes and go to the front as shopping for clothes and go to taobao to buy clothes, the price must be different, although the design is the same, but the color and quality is different, naturally, for automatic mechanical equipment liquid filler, difference is bigger. 2. Regional differences and buy antifreeze automatic filling machine might not understand, through the understanding of the same, the customer can think why the north and south of filling machine price is different, generally speaking, the price is cheap, north south regional differences also have a great impact on prices. 3. Under normal circumstances, if the user requires only the price of automatic liquid filling machine, the manufacturer will give standard machine prices, after all, according to the customer's demand is configured with the use of automatic filling machine, according to the requirements of each user, filler material is different, so the automatic liquid filling machine is different also, price nature also are different. 4. Automatic liquid filling machine, also according to the properties of the materials, and packaging production speed, custom equipment, filling a variety of ways such as filling, vacuum negative pressure filling, servo type filling, flowmeter filling, etc, the filling can be according to the requirements of material filling configuration, the price also is different.
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