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The matters needing attention of cream filling machine operation is outlined

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-07
Cream filling machine operation note 1, filling, the total metering pump must be run 3 minutes, turn inside bubble row, filling volume can be accurate. 2, a long time, does not remove such as tube bubbles caused by filling amount is incorrect, the main reason is that a piece of air leakage, pump fluid channel can check total metering pump piston in the cylinder seals, silicone head in the check valve and other tapping up and down. Hold more, such as liquid slag quality check card in the valve without all check valve closed, also causes filling is not allowed. 3, cream filling machine is equipped with the bottle standing before the machine protection, when unscramble bottle tooling box with only 2 pieces of track, the micro switch, automatic stop filling automatically stop, trouble light this right now, if you need to continue filling, can be manually and automatically switch to manual, can operate the machine.
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