The filling cap unscrewing machine common failures and troubleshooting methods

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-10
one Starts the crank cannot normal turn 1, when the fixed rod is lower, when push liquid syringe pipe clamp tightly, both inside and outside to rotate the crank can't. Should loosen the nut. Move on fixed link to the appropriate location, should tighten the nut. 2, injector assembly, both inside and outside tubes are clean and clamping, the syringes must be removed for cleaning. 3, bearing not installed the liquid injection system. It doesn't work, need to reinstall. Second, the filler uneven, joint end not tighten, leak phenomenon. Need to tighten further. Three, but no fault in the machine rotating 1. The valve need to clear foreign body in it; 2. The valve casing placed up and down error ( Two casing cutting edge down, can't reverse installation) 。 3. 1, 5 ml model when the piston bottom mouth of produced liquid leakage, should remove the cylinder, replace the random sealing ring, sealing ring using & phi; 65× 3. 1 acidproof alkali sealing ring. Introduced above, is fully automatic filling common fault elimination method of screw cap machine, this machine has the oscillation automatically cover device, a lack of bottle check cover device, fault automatic stop filling institutions, using three knife chuck cap, convenient operation, stable and reliable.
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