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The daily maintenance of paste filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-01
Common problem: paste filling machine filling found in the process of measuring volatile, inspect incoming check may have sundry stranded, lead to seal is loose, filling quantity; Leakage at the bottom of the cylinder material said piston sealing ring wear, need to replace the sealing ring. Paste filling machine daily maintenance: ( 1) Paste filling machine filling action can be divided into automatic and manual filling two kinds, when the height of the machine adopts manual method, using the manual way, just to breathe in through your bottle to push the tongue can begin, keep in touch the tongue, if it is automatic, must put the bottle discharging mouth below, switch to automatically start filling, and in a timely manner to replace the bottle. ( 2) Examine the seal face is flat, into the air will be transferred to air pressure. 3 ~. 4 mpa, adjust the input. In general, many leakage after spraying a drop of oil, and regularly check the leakage situation. ( 3) Filling quantity adjustment: first rotary filling quantity adjusting handwheel, observe the size of indicator window, meet the requirements of filling amount, adjust the suction line speed, filling to achieve satisfactory effect. Filling amount, and finally fixed filling quantity. ( 4) Refueling operations: open the right door, turn the lubricating oil level and add the special clean oil or sewing machine oil, ( Come on please do not use air pressure, oil should be 8 minutes or so) 。 ( 5) If exceptions to the machine, first check all machine adjustment button is in place, and check all interface, ensure timely deal with such a small problem. ( 6) ( Should be cleaned thoroughly before operation, with a soft non-woven and detergent wipe away the oil, then dry with a soft non-woven fabric, according to GMP requirements, check whether the contact parts of the equipment and materials is conform to the requirements of the corresponding cleanliness, if not, please clean out their ears and dry again, cleaning method based on process requirement.
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