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The advantage of linear filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-12
Logic controller based on PLC and various detection sensor and the cylinder charge, achieve the goal of automatic control, simple operation, can in a short period of time, more different bottle filling. Linear filling machine is fission structure method, namely each part and each filling head part is single. So that we can in the later maintenance and maintenance more convenient and flexible, the operator is very easy to operate, and to understand. Late due to the linear filling machine structure is simple, he can configure other packaging function equipment according to production requirements, such as automatic labeling machine, automatic screw cap machine, automatic printing, automatic packing machine and other equipment, realize the whole production line running efficiency. Linear filling machine from the form can score a lot of kinds, can divide liquid filling, water-based, paste, etc, can according to the characteristics of the material configuration, effectively reduce the manufacturing cost, intelligent touch-screen control of filling material to realize the different measuring filling volume size, size bottle of general, change the bottle and general, change the bottle shape without the need to replace parts, adjustment, provide the required of uninterrupted filling machine production line may be sealed bottles, conveying the mouth size adjustable, suitable for the needs of different packaging line.
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