Resin filling machine accurate chemical filler application

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-09-15
Resin filling machine accurate static batching mode, all kinds of materials respectively in different storage bin, the bin feeding of the electromagnetic vibration feeder, screw feeding or astral form such as feeding, measuring by measuring pocket, and equipped with a pressure or force the pull of gravity sensor signal conversion, signal by quadratic weighing instrument amplifier connected to the PLC or DCS to complete the measurement. In some wide applications to time requirement, a measuring car may be used for statistics, measuring the car along the orbit, in turn, to the bunker under proportional with addition, the material with addition of various materials with the reduction of differential method to calculate, also have fixed by the single way of measuring pocket, the bin with circular distribution around a measuring pocket, measurement of each material difference method, also USES material from the chute or belt conveyor, in turn, the warehouse according to the proportion of added to the measurement. Measurement and reduction of difference method respectively, each have advantages and disadvantages between measurement can be respectively, according to the weight of every time the charging volume to design appropriate measuring pocket and measuring instrument, can improve the accuracy of measurement, especially for small than automatic filling machine case material, but measuring pocket multiplied and measurement equipment, the high cost, reduce differential method of measurement by measuring pocket or car, measuring equipment, less investment, because use with weighing equipment at the same time, whatever measurement error, but can ensure that the material with addition to scale, but for a small proportion of material with addition of difficult to guarantee its accuracy. After measuring the material after concentration, a cambium-like or section shape distribution, the transportation equipment ( Such as belt or car) To the mouth, into the next process, namely the complete batch of material with addition, due to the material measurement, conveying, to join the link can be overlapped in time, on the control process can be used in a parallel way, to save time, improve the feeding speed. Institution chemical filler application development is liquid filling machine has a large heavy equipment to the small portable devices, in the past on the volume of the liquid filling machine, liquid filling machine quality reach tens of thousands of jins, liquid filling machine needs to be installed in a big factory, covers an area of very large, and in particular is not convenient in the installation, the installation of the filling equipment need to be very big cost, and in the later production, requires human is more, the consequent costs more, see again, now the new small liquid filling machine. Small, the weight of the liquid filling machine, only 60 kg, very deft, cover an area of an area is very small, installation is convenient, in the later production, operation also takes less artificial, cost is low, lightweight advantages of new type liquid filling machine in definite extent, affected the sale price of new type liquid filling machine, liquid filling machine, a set of price advantage, a new type of liquid filling machine, small advantage advantage determines the light of the new type liquid filling machine, new type liquid filling machine is only 60 kilogram, how many people can in work and convenient to move, can at any time shift production origin, has a great deal of flexibility. New type liquid filling machine's advantage is to have a stable system, although the volume is small and cheap, but not influence the properties of the liquid filling machine, the liquid filling machine adopts intelligent operating system, performance stability using the time is very long. 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