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Paste filling machine troubleshooting

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-01
2. Check whether filling lining block. Jam is divided into two kinds: one is the last time filling machine, for a long time without cleaning, cause the clogging in the product of solidification in the lining lining, second, the product of debris, sticky box on the pistons, poor sealing effect, in the above two cases, please timely cleaning, so as not to damage the piston. 3. The above two cases can't solve the problem of liner piston sealing ring damage, please give me the change, below the hopper will products sent to the filling nozzle part referred to as the liner. Paste filling machine operational guidelines for school official cites use: 1. Before use clean hopper and add product ( That need filling paste liquid) 。 2. After add product, manual press the manual lever, until the product out of the filling nozzle properly. 3. After product normal out when it began to adjust the filling quantity, below the hopper there is a plastic nut. Clockwise filling volume has shrunk, but instead get bigger. Debugging you need filling amount, can start to work.
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